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Slack etiquette

  • Transparency
  • Over Communicating is always better than working in silos
  • Judgment-free communication
  • Respect different cultures, races, religions, social environments.
  • You don’t need to be available 24/7 just because you work from home
  • Learn to work asynchronously
  • Praise publicly, critique privately

Slack Gacks:

  1. Once you have joined our slack for the first time, it might look a little messy with all the channels in there. Use the categories as shown is the image to keep your slack organized.
    1. If you need to pause your notifications in Slack to focus or relax, follow these steps:
    2. For more tips and hacks, have a quick look at this link:
    3. If you have a mac, show us what you are listening to on Slack using this app:

👮 Channel Rules:

  1. Remember to be respectful and refrain from giving negative feedback to anyone publicly. Public shaming causes people to withdraw from their team and work.
  1. @here or @channel can be very destructive to everyone’s focus. Remember that using these functions notifies everyone who is online (@here) or everyone on and offline (@channel).
  1. Respect the channel's purpose. Sidetracking into random topics makes channels noisy and difficult to follow for anyone that wasn’t reading in real time.

⌛ Tracking Your Hours

Volunteers are required to keep track on a monthly basis of the numbers of hours spent volunteering at Anime For Humanity.
Remoty is a Slack application that will track your hours. Use the commands below to get started:
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