Content Writer


The major goal of our blog posts is to create "valuable lifetime content" by answering questions, concerns, and needs the anime community are expressing in the google search, and tie them to our mission aka mental health topics (e.g what relaxing anime to watch on Netflix? Funimation? Crunchyroll?, Why you should include anime in your self care plan... etc).


  1. Create a Creative title for your prompt
  1. Word Count Minimum for each blog is at least 450 words (Introduction, Body, and Conclusion).
  1. Double check for any grammar and ensure the blog flows well.
  1. SEO: Utilize keywords, questions to drive traffic to the Blog.
  1. Contact the Graphic's team to select appealing cover images for the blog you are writing.
  1. Once you finish the blog, please update on Notion that you have finished and move your blog to the "Edit" tab.
      • Marketing might reach back to you for any last changes.
  1. Marketing Team will upload/publish the blog on the site then move the blog to the "Published" tab for the social media team to schedule it.