What can I do

What can I do

Good news: you can do something.

Check yourself:

When looking at all the things stated in chapter 3, you might recognize some stuff. In addition you can fill in this self test:
So how are you?
I'm good!
Great, take some time to realize why you are doing fine and take measures in order to prevent yourself from getting to stressed.
I’m okay-ish, but something needs to change.
  • Start by telling your team lead that you feel like you have been on your toes for a while and you think you need time to recover. Also tell your team. Also tell HR.
  • Come up with a concrete 2 week plan (we can help you with that) to release some of the first pressure. This will mean a less busy sprint, shorter days, and maybe 2 weeks of 4 days to start with (or a holiday). The hours you gain, you can spend on things you enjoy and help you reload (Netflix, sports, cinema, go to the beach, visit friends, play with model trains). We learned that just doing nothing, doesn’t always help, so make sure to spend time on things you like.
  • During these two weeks you check in with your team lead how your stress level is. You can make it really concrete by giving your stress level a number (1-10).
  • Once you feel reloaded, we (you, teamlead and HR if you like) need to talk about the factors that caused your stress level to rise and see how we can prevent this from happening again.
I’m not good. I recognize the symptoms and I’m on the verge of burning out.
  • Don’t wait, speak up now. Tell your team lead, tell Rolo/HR.
  • We have (external) professionals who are experts on this topic. We can put you in touch with them.
  • Depending on your case and your problems, we (together with the people from Arbobutler) come up with a tailor made plan, based on what you need. This could involve some time off, working less or talking to a job coach.

Be aware

You can start with dividing your life into different parts. Think of: family, work, colleagues, sports, hobby, voluntary work. Once you have a clear overview of all the different areas, think about whether it adds to your stress level and if there are ways to change things. Let's zoom in a bit further:
Private life
Maybe you are in the middle of moving into your dream house or you are trying to get your house sold. Maybe you become a mom or dad, or maybe you really want to. Maybe you just got married or you just went through a rough break up. Maybe you have a lot of debts which are hard to get rid off. Maybe you have an addiction you are struggling with. Maybe you lost someone you love. Whatever it is: it affects your meter and it adds up.
Mapping this out and being aware of this already helps. When becoming aware of a big thing which adds to our stress level, we can see if we can try to fix it. This will not work for everything — of course, life sucks sometimes. But when in the midst of moving to another house, why not take some off and really get it done instead of doing it beside your volunteering hours? Even the harder obstacles can be worked on. Start by going to the doctor, marriage counseling or a therapist. It won’t ‘fix’ the problem instantly of course, but it’s a start. And again: sometimes life sucks.
Anime For Humanity life
  • Your personal development (new role, changing responsibilities, not a set-in-stone description)
  • Everything happening around you (people leaving and joining, people taking on new responsibilities, changing PM’s and teamleads).
We know this adds to your tally. Again, just becoming aware of this already helps.
And also again, when you see something causing a lot of stress, let’s get to work on it. Not digging the new team structure? Not feeling your current role? Not happy with your team lead? Bring it up with someone you trust (HR, your team lead) and let’s try to fix it or at least talk about it.
Anime For Humanity cares. We care. So if you’re struggling, let’s change things to make sure you are happy, healthy and at your best.
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