✍️ Channel Use

Because the wider anime and stream community utilizes Twitter as a platform to share their love for anime and fundraise, Anime For Humanity prioritizes this channel. We post to this platform first, and also more frequently. Anime For Humanity broadcasts a variety of content including our blog, releases, important announcements, upcoming conventions we are attending, and major project campaigns.
In addition to sharing curated content, the @animeforhumanity Twitter handle participates in community management activities (likes, comments, and shares). ← Community Manager
We ultimately use Twitter as an opportunity to provide our community with the most up to date information about,
We use emojis whenever we can. The overuse of emojis allows us to participate in a universally used language. Anime For Humanity believes that everyone can contribute. That’s why being better communicators is crucial for our audience- no message should go misunderstood.

🎯 Audience targets

From the United States to Japan, our Twitter audience is a targeting the anime, cosplay and gaming fandom. 35% of Anime For Humanity’s Twitter audience is between the ages of 13-24, and 50% are between the ages of 25-34. Mobile device use between iOS and Android (both 50%).

📅 Calendaring, Cadence, and Volume

How often Anime For Humanity should post depends on the platform and kind of content we are sharing. That said, Twitter does not operate like our other Anime For Humanity Social branded Channels. There are no strict frequency limitations on Twitter and we aim to post at least 2 times a day if not more. Content shared should prioritize the mental health, our blog, conventions we are exhibiting at, projects, fundraising and anime releases.
  • If there are 2+ posts they should have at least 2 hours in between. This rule does NOT apply if there are time-sensitive posts including, fundraisers and conventions we are exhibiting at.
  • Post every day, and utilize Content Studio’s optimal time feature as we have many followers located across all time zones.
  • Retweet daily mentions that are authored by Team Members, our community, our partners or are press opportunities. Retweets are not limited by frequency meaning there’s no limit at all!
    • Milestones: RT freely, or RT with a comment, emoji, or GIF when users are celebrating. These milestones can include but are not limited to: #MyFirstMRMerged, a number of MR’s, contributions, etc.
    • Partner mentions: Use the RT with comment feature and tag the socially active partner with their proper handle. Provide a short POV (point of view) on the partnership.
    • Press/third party mentions: RT with comment always. Share gratitude with a clear CTA (call to action)