✍️Channel Use

Anime For Humanity has a smaller audience on Facebook so its priority does fall below Twitter and LinkedIn. It is still important to maintain our presence. That's why we aim to post to this platform no more than one post per day (if that). Anime For Humanity should prioritize posts around All Remote, third party content, and our culture (or Life at Anime For Humanity). We do have an obligation to always post important announcements, releases, and specific campaigns or events.

🎯 Audience targets

From the United States to Japan, our Facebook audience is mostly in the United States. 6% of fans between the ages of 25-34 are the leading force of followers. Through the power of organic reach, our content has a high potential to also reach users between the ages of 45-54.

📅 Calendaring, Cadence, and Volume

Facebook does not operate like our other Anime For Humanity Social branded Channels.
  • There is no immediate need to post every single day on Facebook. Though, the social team will post once a day when content is available.
  • It is totally fine to mirror the same content from Instagram to Facebook