What can Anime For Humanity do?

What can Anime For Humanity do?

There’s a lot Anime For Humanity could improve and we’re working on that. This is fueling us to go the extra mile, but the downsides are also obvious.
So what can Anime For Humanity do?
  • Voicing vision & mission more: everybody should feel connected to where Anime For Humanity is going and why. Talking about this more will help everybody align. This way everybody has more influence on the direction and it is more clear why a change of direction is made and how this affects your work.
  • Open channels: work on transparency and trust: everybody should be able to speak up if they feel that the stress level is too high. Also when someone feels like they aren’t in the right role or simply doing work they don’t love everyday.
  • Build an environment which is less stressful. This piece is step 1 on this point. Notice when people work too much. Tell people if we notice it and tell them to take action (rest, work less, talk to someone). Let’s also keep improving the process we have in place for when people feel it’s too much.
  • Keep jobs fun: Anime For Humanity has the unique opportunity to let people work on things they love and are good at. We have to make sure that we guard that. Roles will evolve and let’s keep an eye out for people growing in a direction they might end up hating.
  • Educate: we should include this topic in the first month (onboarding) and help people regulate their work even more. For example the Getting Things Done method. It wasn’t made to get people to work harder and more, it was made to get people to work better and feel less stressed. Our goal is to be able to help any volunteer who struggle with planning, prioritizing, saying no and setting boundaries.
  • Feedback and praise: keep working on the feedback cycle and don’t forget to include praise. Let’s also work on making sure everybody knows what is expected of them.
  • Look out for each other: there is no official peer program (not yet), so we have to look out for each other. Ask each other questions and be candid to each other if you hear red flags.
  • Hiring: we should keep hiring great, talented people who will give us energy, ideas and of course are fun to work with.
That’s it folks. Let’s get this conversation going.
If you are struggling with this now (try the self test) and you recognize the symptoms you might have read in the articles: let us know. Talk to someone. We can help.
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