TEMPLATE: Personal Website (FREE)

TEMPLATE: Personal Website (FREE)

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Hey! I'm Liam, I like to learn, build, and teach others. 🇬🇧 → 🇯🇵
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🥑 Developer Relations

As a developer, educator, and community builder, Developer Relations holds a close space to my heart. There's a certain kind of magic in supporting creators, be that at a 1:1 or 1:many scale.
Every developer you encounter poses an opportunity to learn and improve the way you deliver content/educate, ultimately impacting millions of end-users.
That's pretty damn cool.
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❤️ Community Building

Peer learning is a powerful force multiplier for any skill; by creating communities, you indirectly create new relationships, improve products, and improve accessibility.
Having grown communities at a personal + corporate level, I have been able to see many of these benefits first-hand over the years.
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