Talking Points

Talking Points


Anime For Humanity/Projects Elevator Pitch

  1. Anime For Humanity is a non-profit that uses Anime, manga, and cosplay as a medium to challenge the stigma surrounding mental health. We travel to conventions all around the nation to start the conversation about mental health, hand out Anime Therapy Kits and remind attendees that they are not alone in their questions, struggles and pain. We want them to know that it’s okay to not be okay and to reach out in times of crisis.
  1. The Anime Therapy kits contain anime recommendations, mental health resources, and a spark of joy to remind them that its' okay to reach out and ask for help.
  1. For a little under $1, Anime For Humanity provides an Anime Therapy kit to someone who might be looking for help and not know where to find it.
  1. The Anime Self Care is a website to create your perfect sound environment for calm, focus, and productivity using anime and relaxing tunes.

For Therapists/Clubs & Libraries:

  1. Anime Therapy Grant: Kindly ask them to put their information on our tablet and we will ship Anime Therapy Kits for free!
  1. The Anime Therapist Kit: is a guide to Anime for mental health professionals. It educates them about the therapeutic world of anime and how they can utilize it in their therapy practice.
  1. Club Ambassador: Anime For Humanity Club Ambassador is an exciting extension of AFH’s mission into the community. We collaborate with anime and culture clubs to raise mental health awareness and reduce stigma at the school and community.

Talking Mental Health


  1. Share your story and what helped you along your journey.
  1. Empathically inquire as to what solutions they (the attendees) successfully used for their specific challenges in the past: “I know each person is different and what works for you might not work for me. What’s worked for your depression in the past? Do you watch anime and play games to cope with it? Which anime or video game helped you cope with it?”
  1. Discuss Anime For Humanity’s mission and why you are a volunteer: ”Anime For Humanity is a charity non-profit that uses Anime, cosplay and video games as a medium to challenge the stigma surrounding mental health. I wanted to volunteer with AFH because ….”
  1. Talk about: “Your favorite anime/games, the upcoming anime/games you are going to watch/play.  Where Anime for humanity will be exhibiting next, what you are looking forward to attending next...”


  1. Offer treatment recommendations or make comments such as: You have depression? You are fine, you just need to cheer up…”
  1. Abruptly end the conversation. Emphasize the importance of the conversation to the attendees and gently mention that you can’t provide as much help “This is clearly important to you which has a lot of impact in your life. I fear that this may be beyond what I can address and more than we can tackle here.  Do you have someone you can talk to? Like a trusted friend or therapist?” If the answer is No, ask “ Would it be okay with you if I gave you our Discord to find people to talk and some of our resources and tips for finding therapists near you?”
  1. Enter into any verbal (since it's a legal binding contract) or written agreements with any third party including, but not limited to; collaborations, partnerships, sponsorship, or any arrangements in the name of Anime For Humanity. Please kindly take their information/ business card or ask them to fill up the form in the provided tablet.
  1. Answer questions about Anime For Humanity that you are not 100% sure of the answer. If in any doubt please hand our info and ask them to email us at