Social Media Affiliation with Anime For Humanity

Thank you for checking out the Anime For Humanity Social Media Affiliation Policies. We have two goals:
  1. Empower you to raise awareness for mental health and your work on your own social media channels by providing best practices guidelines.
  1. Detail the limitations of transparency and disclosure in a public organization to hold ourselves and each other accountable for the policies you've agreed to during your onboarding.
Be diligent, and if it's questionable, don't say it. You are personally responsible for the social posts, likes and shares, and replies you post on social media while representing Anime For Humanity.
Everything you publish is publicly viewable and will be available for a long time, even if redacted. Remember that you represent Anime For Humanity and our culture. When commenting on posts, please keep in mind: "Don't argue but represent"


Optional: Do disclose that you are a member of Anime For Humanity
You can identify yourself as a team member in your own social media profile bios by adding "your role @animeforhumanity". However, it should be clear to everyone that you are a team member of Anime For Humanity, but not Anime For Humanity the organization.
Do state that it's your opinion
We ask that you add "opinions are your own" in your bio to protect yourself and Anime For Humanity.
Don't bash potential anime industry collaborators/sponsors
While sharing your opinion is a critical part of being authentic on social media, it's equally important to limit overly negative responses to the anime industry posts. We don't like trolls, and neither do our friends. Providing constructive feedback is read very differently than trolling. Trolling occurs when you respond to social media posts with intentionally provocative or offensive messages.
Do act responsibly and ethically
Don't misrepresent yourself. If you're not a director or a staff in your role, don't say you are. Don't imply that you're a member of a team if you're not. Share your thoughts, but disclose your role.
Don't use or manipulate logos without permission from the copyright holder
While Anime For Humanity generally allows (and encourages) our team to use our asset and mascot, it's not the same thing when you use a 3rd party logo. Logos from partners, and others cannot be used or manipulated without the copyright holder's explicit permission. If you're not sure what's permissible, reach out to the #social-media Slack channel.
Please do not use the Anime For Humanity logo as the avatar for your accounts on social. You are welcome to use our branded banners, but your profile avatar mustn't lead users to confuse your account with the official Anime For Humanity accounts.


Am I required to share/like a post from Anime For Humanity social channels?
No, you're not required to participate in any way.
Am I required to have the social or comms team review my posts before I publish them?
No, the Anime For Humanity social team will never require a review or another oversight of your own personal social media posts.
Am I required to identify myself as an Anime For Humanity volunteer on my social media channel?
No, you are not required to identify yourself as a volunteer for simply having a personal channel. However, if you are going to engage with community members or be considered an authority in your space, you ought to be transparent and identify yourself as a volunteer for Anime For Humanity.